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Welcome to eData Platform

Many software products rely on a single underlying technology to support its development.  The underlying development environment utilized by eData Platform is based on Microsoft web application architecture that represents a substantial investment in its evolution and support of the developed product.

First-hand industry knowledge, experience and a long list of success stories led to the development and release of the Enterprise Integration “eData Platform” – an innovative technologically advanced platform that enables an organization to deploy a suite of tailored business applications.  Each eData Platform application is simple to develop and maintain and scalable to meet the changing needs of the organization. The eData Platform features include:

• Ability to develop, deploy and support a suite of diverse applications
• Scalable information management solutions
• Information security
• Information exchange
• Adaptable to evolving information content
• Create a community of service providers and consumers through social networking
• Online training and support
• Maintenance, upgrades and support included in standard support
• Local or cloud deployment

Our approach leverages multiple best of breed technologies and creates an abstract platform to develop, deploy and upgrade an entire suite of applications without the need for costly migrations.  By utilizing a cloud-based model, we eliminated the need for a local support staff, incorporating a substantial amount of software maintenance and routine development into routine software support.

What We Do

Mobile Devices
Cloud Services
Manufacturing Industry
Inventory Management (ERP)

Real time relevant data for Customer analysis and action

eData Platform Model – Smart Systems

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