The ALF Software Solution

The ALF Software Solution

Assisted living and similar residential care communitiesAssisted living and similar residential care communities are a critical component of the long-term care services and supports spectrum for older adults and younger adults with disabilities who cannot live independently in their home. Residential care communities serve residents with increasingly complex care needs. There are more than 28,000 assisted living residences in the U.S., housing more than one million people, according to the National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL). As the U.S. senior population grows, there will be increased pressure from the quantity and quality of long-term health care facilities. Currently, around one million Americans live in some type of senior living community, and that number is expected to double by the year 2030. After all, with innovations in healthcare and today’s seniors living longer, more active and healthier lives, “80 is the new 65.” By the year 2040, the 85+ population is expected to triple from the 5.7 million there were in 2011 to 14.1 million. Such a complex and important operations must have an adequate ALF Software solution to support and monitor daily operations. Major aspects to consider when considering ALF software solution:

  • HIPPA and ACHA Compliance;
  • Quality of Care;
  • Time Management;
  • Coordination with Community Providers: (doctors, nurses, social workers and other third-party providers);
  • Reduces Budget;
  • Serves as a Reminder for Critical Deadlines and Events.

This is what majority of the existing ALF software solutions lack:

  • No training
  • Hidden Fees
  • None Compliant
  • Support Cost
  • Limited Knowledge of the Industry
  • Managed by corporate staff
  • Increase cost with resident admission
  • Charge per users
  • Require use of multiple systems
  • No modular approach

Why choose our ALF software solution over a number of other competitors?

  • Includes annual staff and admin training
  • Direct fees (no hidden cost)
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Support included
  • Written by ALF core matter experts
  • Managed by ALF admins or consultants
  • No cost adjustment with resident admission
  • Unlimited users
  • Comprehensive solution
  • Purchase and use only what is utilized