SaaS Medical Record Management

ePH Solutions, Inc has made considerable investments in the corporate capability known as Real Time Interoperability. Our expertise has been developed over the course of several years and with a variety of clients from diverse markets. We combine our extensive experience in problem solving with the most relevant emerging technology to provide our clients with cost effective modern solutions. In general terms we are able to connect anything, anyone, anytime with any place any service and/or any network. Our business is built on using our product to help our clients solve their real time interoperability challenges. eData Platform also believes that there remains a tremendous amount of relevant current and legacy data that exists on paper and in people’s minds. Converting this data to actionable operational information is another key component of our solutions.

Partial Customer List
  • Washington Public Health
  • California Public Health
  • North Carolina Public Health
  • AASLD American Association for the Study of Liver Disease
  • CCID Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Health Education for the Management of Breast Cancer
  • TASC Treatment Assessment Screening Center
  • Patientcube
  • Chevron Refineries
  • Phillips Petroleum