Interoperability has historically been associated with software as a way to enable disparate software applications to work together. Think of it as a way for organizations to use applications from different providers as if they were all from one single provider. Today there are numerous beneficial uses in augmenting this data with ever expanding cloud based resources to produce and share critical knowledge that can be used to improve operations in near real time. Organizations in many diverse fields that have in the past struggled with piecing together data from multiple islands of information are now gaining significant efficiency with modern real time interoperability. The incorporation of new technology based on Mobile Devices, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for example coupled with the emergence of cloud resources dramatically expand the realm of real time interoperability and serve as an excellent example of one form of the Internet of Things. The eData Platform Real Time Interoperability solution has been developed to enable our clients and partners to incorporate these important advancements as they emerge while maintaining our cost effective collaborative business model.