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Health care is a competitive field and constantly moving to advanced technology and latest tools and applications. The motive behind conforming to updated healthcare IT solutions is to provide the highest quality of care while maintaining the revenue cycle for generating maximum profits. However, most of the small-sized hospitals and medical practices are facing setbacks in their existing solutions. These solutions are less contributory and more errant in their nature and compositions. For instance, providers complain of issues such as excessive vendor-dependency, cumbersome processes, lack of interoperability, and unwanted time consumption in existing IT solutions prevalent in their clinics and hospitals.

Here, we endeavor to address underlying deficiencies in existing EMR, EHR, health record management and MACRA solutions in medical practices while concurrently illustrating a sound, coherent eData platform solution for healthcare.

Challenges with existing Healthcare Solutions

  • Inefficient Data Management

Healthcare produces and processes massive amounts of data, which it manages through different expensive IT solutions from outside vendors or having their own different data management software, devices and equipment. Both these solutions have been evident to have poor analysis and collection of and access to the rising volume of data.

  • Lack of Interoperability

Providers find healthcare solutions less communicable and interoperable and thereby these impede communication of significant health information between different providers, and between physicians and patients.

  • Less interactive and more time consuming

The solutions existing in practices and hospitals have limited capabilities and features. With hostile interfaces, they are difficult to use. Due to these shortcomings, it reduces productivity and revenue of healthcare.

  • Less Specialty-specific

Most healthcare solutions are not designed as per practice pattern and workflow needs. Each practice is distinguished in terms of size, setting and specialty and therefore needs custom healthcare solutions. But the legacy systems include expensive customization and are bound to be standalone in their functions without integrating with other applications. These systems are limited in their scale with no upgrades.

  • Medicare Denials

Quality Measures’ lack of compliance with Medicare causes frequent denials which result in a disruption in revenue cycle of hospitals.

Conclusion – Such limitations of existing legacy solutions are causing too much time consumption for the completion of the processes within a medical practice.  On the contrary, an ideal solution must accentuate quality, speed, and efficiency of the tasks to fasten the care operations to help providers generate expected returns on investments. To address these shortcomings, eData Platform has deployed a suite of applications that have been composed with a goal to deliver outcomes for the ultimate success of your hospital. Read on how our upgraded modern tools help you.

Benefits of eData Platform as a solution

  • Enhanced Quality of Care

Providers and practitioners are constantly complaining about their technically limited software and solutions. They are not satisfied with one-off solutions by vendors, the futile open-source approach to solutions, and existing solutions’ inability to shift towards cloud-based solutions. These all have resulted in delayed operations and poor quality of care. Neither these legacy solutions address any additional custom needs of providers.

eData Platform offers highly interoperable platform as a base for all the solutions that it deploys. With our cutting-edge cloud-based EHR solutions which are effectively co-designed by industry experts, we eradicate IT costs and reduces the cost of ownership.

  • Cost reduction

nClient-server healthcare solutions nearly cost around $40,000 for initial installation. Various vendors offer solutions with low-cost installation but these solutions are to be enhanced later with costly customizations. These solutions are just expensive productivity reducers that need ramping up staff members and involve an ongoing high cost of ownership due to excessive vendor dependency. eData Platform offers low costs licensing of hardware as well as software. Our low-cost services facilitate access to best of breed solutions to all the small and medium-sized businesses which otherwise would not have used them at higher costs. With an easy monthly or annual payment and reduced maintenance costs, our cloud-based solutions offer enhanced productivities and revenue.

  • Return on Investment

Our avant-garde set of solutions is potent enough to streamline the entire workflow of any small-sized or mid-sized organization. The solutions are effective for ever-increased transparency of data communications on different levels. Such a seamless transmission of information enables providers to have necessary interactions with other providers and with patients. Our solutions are designed by core matter experts who make them easier to use with improved scalability. The increased interoperability of healthcare solutions removes all the underlying barriers. eData Platform provides a robust web-based platform to reinforce the operations, processes and overall work-strategies and help to emerge great returns on investments.

  • Overcome inadequacies and deficiencies

Healthcare organizations do rely on slower platforms to collect and analyze data such as papers, MS-excel, MS outlook. This limitation has caused them to confront the risk of lack of compliance as quick access to crucial data is abandoned. The degraded quality care also results with slow access to essential data. eData Platform, when deployed as a healthcare solution, is capable to meet the needs of information-access in real time.  By integrating the existing applications and making data immediately available, our scalable SaaS solutions have enabled processes to be compliant with necessary regulations.  Our eData Platform eliminates the inadequacies that exist in obsolete methods and assists in the growth of all healthcare organizations.