EMR Software Solutions

EMR Software Solutions

Incredibly, there are over 1,000 EMR software solutions out on the market today. There are the big players with recognizable names – Cerner, Epic, Allscripts, NextGen, athenaClinicals – but there are also countless smaller vendors, some of which provide customized EMR software solutions for specialists. Functionality varies greatly with each system: data entry can be inefficient and time-consuming for certain systems, but not others. Other functionality issues can include slow processing, formats that are not user-friendly, or limited capabilities.

EMR-Software-SolutionsMost of these EMR software solutions are also highly proprietary and may not communicate well with each other. This lack of interoperability presents a barrier to the transparent communication of health information, preventing adequate coordination of care on the small scale and obstructing population health management on a larger scale.

Physicians are concerned that current EMR software solutions are interfering with physician-patient and physician-to-physician relationship. Providers often complain that EMRs interfere with clinical care, making interactions more impersonal and less face-to-face, while also degrading clinical documentation. And disparate systems with poor interoperability make it difficult to communicate with other providers as well.

Additionally, as organizations adopt legacy EMR software solutions, referral patterns change, favoring those providers that are network-enabled and putting other, independent providers at risk of being marginalized. There’s also the growing pressure for physicians to meet state and federal health IT mandates. In an environment where there is already a shortage of primary care physicians, there is concern that EMRs will heighten physician dissatisfaction and drive a further shortage of physicians.

Specialty EMR software solution eData Specialty EMR software solution is a cost effective and comprehensive solution built by physicians. eData Specialty EMR software solution addresses most of the reported issues. Use of cutting edge technological solutions and tools, healthcare providers as core matter expert contributors to the systems functional specifications and usability design, eData team was able to create scalable, cost effective, easy to use and intuitive software solution capable to solve issues currently impeding on improving healthcare and reducing the cost.


    1. Enabling quick access to patient records for more coordinated yet efficient care
    2. Making prescribing safer and more reliable
    3. Reducing costs through decreased paperwork and reduce duplication of testing
    4. Lab and Imaging Integrations
    5. Online Appointment Booking
    6. Patient Portal With Secure Messaging

The EMR software solutions market is changing and physicians have more “buying-power” than ever when it comes to building their perfect EHR system. eData Specialty EMR software solution improve all aspects of patient care, including safety, communication, timeliness while helping healthcare providers make better clinical decisions by integrating patient information across various parts.