Healthcare Software solutions that improve quality of care, accountability, transparency

The way medical and clinical organizations are using data has been changed over the years. Technology has contributed profoundly to the management of data at medical centers. Software solutions such as EMR, EHR, health record management and LIMS are constantly helping healthcare providers to provide better care. Successful operations largely depend upon the quality of care, transparency of information, operations and, tasks and accountability for best care and treatment.

While there are a plenty of vendors out there in the marketplace who claims their software solutions to be the best, yet it is just the limitations of these legacy systems that long term healthcare, hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers accuse them of being inadequate siloed systems. eData Platform offers a comprehensive suite of applications for standardizing patient medical records and communicating them to different ends (to patients, providers, physicians etc). We ensure to address issues in existing solutions and improve the followings.

Quality of Care

eData Platform deploys a set of applications – Specialty EMR, Case Management, LIS solutions and more based on a completely interoperable platform. Look at the most prominent features of these solutions that improve quality of care.

The eData solutions fasten the information-flow to disparate processes for timely access with interfaces ready to pull and push data. The interfaces are intuitive, simple and attractive.

Our solutions integrate systems, for instance, EHR/EMR solutions are integrated with billing systems to ease billing operations.

EHR solutions track patient workflows intelligently to maximize productivity such as reducing patient’s waiting time for counseling with physicians.

Our solutions is a comprehensive suite of tools and solutions when combined offers a unique environment to provide better care to its patients and residents. It improves and streamlines overall experience of providers and patients and eliminates inefficiencies, impediments related to treatments, diagnosis and plans of care.


For any successful, healthcare enterprise, accountability of care is of the most significance. eData Platform helps coordination among providers, integration of different systems, and transparent communication of data to improve population health management. We ensure collaboration of providers and coordination of different tasks to help streamline workflow. Our health record software solutions are capable of task management. By providing a cohesive review of the info required, the providers eradicate the time hunting for lost patient information. With features like appointment reminders, lab results review, response patient messages, eData Platform makes task accomplishment much easier and faster.


Transparency of every operation taking place within a healthcare organization is the ever-desired element by healthcare professionals. eData Platform offers effective features in its solutions for making entire workflow traceable. Read on!

eData deploys quality information systems to digitally store patient medical reports, treatment and medication history, diagnosis, immunization data, allergies, radiology images, lab tests and results. The sound architectural design for storing big data enables data access and transfer in real-time improving the quality of care provided to the patient. Physician can maximize the time that he needs to spend with his patients easily as he does not have to remain engaged finding necessary data on the conventional hostile EMR/EHR.

The implantation of latest tools for backups and snapshots of data abolishes the need for traditional backup systems. The traditional backup systems are dependent upon single technology platform for evolution and impossible to scale, while eData offers scalable backup systems to be augmented anytime your business needs.

Conventional EHR, EMR, LIS and case management solutions have been found disruptive to workflow in a practice. It becomes daunting to customize them to run smoothly and make workflow steady. eData Platform’s solutions are interoperable and can easily be personalized to a medical practice. They also eliminate the training costs as the designs and interfaces are very interactive with the user.

Storing the extensive range of data including medication, treatment plans and patient record, interactive information systems deployed by eData Platform enable health professionals to track any piece of information available anytime. Integrated best of breed third party solutions can also be seen within an EHR/EMR solution as part of quality care software management solution.

Through interactive Health records solutions, Lab integration becomes feasible. Not only, has lab integration helped to update patient test records easily in an EHR/EMR but also seamless flow of info from providers to lab technicians improves information security & accuracy and quality of care.

Quick information access and uninterrupted data flow through comprehensive information systems help meet regulatory requirements and ensure compliance.

eData Platform ensures Meaningful Use of EHR. Therefore, we guarantee coordinated care, safety and efficiency while reducing health disparities of any kind to long term facilities, hospitals, long-term care facilities, rehabilitation centers and all other medical practices.