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Are you concerned that your LIMS projects are falling lower on the priority list?

Could your team be getting more critical information from your legacy Starlims system? Business processes are evolving and driving additive demands of information from most LIMS systems. Did you know you can harness cost effective, outside professional services to perform enhancements to your legacy Starlims system?   eData Platform offers short term services projects or medium/long term IT project work.  Hire the Starlims domain experts to tackle important IT projects at affordable prices

eData Platform offers:

  • Validation
  • Data migration
  • Easy access to archived data
  • System integration
  • Middleware connectivity
  • Mobile & cloud STARLIMS add-on modules
  • Rapid IT development
  • Starlims domain experts

Why not take advantage of the smart sourcing trend and let eData deliver relevant business solutions that realize short-term impact value.

Let us explore with you –


LIS Could base software

A modern cloud based Laboratory Data Platform with a flexible easy to use interface to your laboratory data from anywhere with any device on any browser.

Many laboratories today are facing the unenviable choice between scrapping their substantial time and financial investments in their legacy laboratory systems (LIMS, SDMS, or ELN) to conduct their second or even third expensive implementation of newer more modern systems or to compromise on their emerging requirements to accommodate the technical limitations of their existing systems. eData Platform has developed their Laboratory Data Platform to provide a modern low cost solution to the organizations left with these unenviable choices.

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