EHR with MACRA Integration

The eData Platform growth strategy includes investing in companies and institutions that possess comprehensive domain knowledge and well understood operational requirements in industries that have the potential to create significant SaaS market value.

EMR SaaS SolutionSpecialty EMR

Our approach in deploying Specialty EHR systems is built around seamlessly sharing information with all healthcare providers that are involved in a patients care while completely complying with HIPAA regulations. Without disrupting our provider’s routine workflows our solution is geared to maximize his/her time with the patient. eData software solution frees healthcare providers from wasting time typing or dictating notes via voice recognition software that lack responsiveness and reduce productivity. Legacy solutions prevent healthcare providers from quickly dictating their notes and to return to patient treatment. There is no need for the provider to take work home or to spend 30% of their time with their back to the patient while they comply with their EMR screen. We reduce frustration and errors by introducing easy and intuitive device and browser agnostic smart interfaces.

SaaS Medical Record ManagementCase Management

Case Management provides the most innovative, configurable, cost effective Platform based SaaS business application for the Social Services Markets including Adult Daycare, Assisted Living, Substance Abuse facilities, Elderly and Disabled Services, Mental Health Facilities, Nursing Care Facilities, Community Housing Services, Child Welfare, and Home Care Providers.

OS Agnostic SaaS Deployment PlatformReal Time Interoperability

The “one size fits all” approach of typical software vendors often forces organizations to adapt their business processes in order to fit a software package’s design. We believed that a product’s development should be driven by our customers’ needs. The result was a system that easily adjusts to a business’s needs without costly changes to the software or the organization.
Existing software products usually rely on a single underlying technology to support its development. Any underlying development environment requires a substantial investment in its evolution and support of the developed product.
Our approach utilizes multiple best of breed technologies and creates an abstract platform to develop, deploy and upgrade an entire suite of applications with no need for costly migrations or a large staff to support. By utilizing a cloud-based model, we eliminated the need for local support staff, incorporating a substantial amount of software maintenance and routine development into a typical software support.

Login AlternativeLogin Alternative

Providing end users with easy to adopt and operate new login methodology. Ability to eliminate the need enter username and password in the conventional way will provide a number of benefits for the consumers and for the companies utilizing this new revolutionary technology. Companies using this as the way to let people in will have the ability to outsource this as a service to external agency. No longer, username and password will be tied to a specific set of characters. No longer, there is going to be a need to remember multiple sets of them that could be easily stolen or figured out. Empowering end users to take control of how they setup their login credential make it virtually a breeze to setup and impossible to crack.